Services provided by Immcon

Each and every business is given discrete, personal and professional attention tailored to fit your unique business situation.

Whether you are looking for:

  • Immediate consulting due to an impending audit
  • A complete review and correction of your I-9 Forms
  • A revamping of your entire process to include procedures and retention solutions
  • Considering a complete or partial conversion to an electronic I-9 format
  • Training (small hands-on with core personnel or large groups)
  • Insight into the true pros and cons of the eVerify program
...we can help.

Our entire staff of consultants are retired Immigration and ICE Special Agents with a minimum of 25 years of experience. Every one of our consultants has an extensive background with the government worksite enforcement branches is an expert on the I-9 Form and its practical application in the immigration business field.

Our clients include a wide range of businesses, some with over 100,000 employees. We work across the United States and will do what it takes to meet your needs. Our fees are reasonable and range from hourly to long-term contracts.