The Director of ImmCon, Mr. Ron Zimmerman, has personally reviewed and corrected tens of thousands of I-9 Forms. He has trained entire staffs, set up new procedures for companies to ensure proper completion and retention of I-9 Forms, assisted with the implementation of the eVerify program, and prepared and represented companies against the government to successfully meet and surpass all the requirements of an audit by ICE Worksite Enforcement Special Agents.

In addition to our director, our entire staff of consultants are all former Immigration and/or ICE Investigation Special Agents with at least 25 years of experience. Every consultant is an expert on the I-9 Form and its application in the business field.

Our expertise includes specific knowledge as to how the government prioritizes its review process in terms of the I-9 Form content and its applicable rules in this very specialized area.

Our director, consultants, and staff are all professional immigration business experts and will meet all your specific needs.